GlobalWebIndex for smarter decisions


GlobalWebIndex is a large market research firm that provides consumer data to the advertising industry. It was founded in 2009 by Thomas C. Smith , and it now represents 89% of the worldwide internet audience..

The company offers services of research and consulting, and has proven  effectiveness in helping clients in a number of areas, such as :

*Strategic Planning, in which it helps clients reach their business-critical audiences with powerful communications.

*Find out what makes the target audiences different to their peers, and uncover breakthrough insights.

*Helps clients observe brand discovery and path to purchase habits for their segments, and quantify effectiveness of marketing tactics.

*Channel Planning, in which it helps clients prioritize budgets and channel allocation, according to their effectiveness for their clients’ particular audiences.

GlobalWebIndex has a number of the world’s most sophisticated marketers, such as: Google, Twitter, Sony, Maxus, Expedia, Yahoo, Nestle, Skype, Tencent and others.

Data set of GlobalWebIndex is completely consistent across 34 countries, enabling meaningful comparisons across global and local marketing companies. This date set is extended and enriched to best suit the clients’ needs by working with the expert team of GlobalWebIndex analysts.


GlobalWebIndex  summarizes its mission saying:  “We combine the world’s largest study on the digital consumer with cutting-edge analytics and data science approaches, so marketers & businesses can make smarter decisions”.

For more information, visit GlobalWebIndex website from here.

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