” FNC ” discusses the law of dangerous animals possession project on Tuesday

FNC discusses the law of dangerous animals possession project on Tuesday

The Federal National Council, Headed by Dr. Amal Abdullah Al Qubaisi, will discusses the two draft federal laws concerning the organization of dangerous animals possession, and modify some of the provisions of Federal Law No. (16) for the year 2007 concerning animal welfare, during a session next Tuesday.

According to the explanatory memorandum for the project of regularization the possession of dangerous animals, ” recently the phenomenon of possession dangerous animals in homes as pets has spread, this phenomenon is new in the UAE society, and the possession of dangerous animals coming from different environments is considered as a breach of the balance of a suitable environment for the animals, and violates the foundations of the Animal care, under the animals possession by not competent persons or entities, some of these animals are fierce, in addition to that keeping them forms a real risk to the health and safety of their owners and those around thim, what may cause negative effects on the public health and the tourism sector. ”

FNC discusses the law of dangerous animals possession project

The explanatory memorandum confirmed that due to the absence of legislation governing the possession and breeding of these animals, and since the existing legislation is not generally sufficient to adjust the malpractices in the dangerous animal possession, the need is now to impose a special legislation to regulate these practices through: the organization of the possession and the trading of dangerous animals, and the protection of human from the harm as well as the transmission of diseases ton their owners or to other animals, in addition to ensuring that the animals get good care.

The memorandum for the law project of Animal Welfare reported also that ” under the adoption of Animal Welfare law and its executive regulations, issued by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which regulates the standards and practices for Animal Welfare in accordance with the best practices, scientific and international standards, and the precautions that the owners of animals must be taken, which ensures no harm or causing pain to animals, and to ensure the appropriate place to house them, according to their quality, number and nature.

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