Five-Days Tourism program in Abu Dhabi

Five-Days Tourism program in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the political capital of the United Arab Emirates, and it hosts the headquarters of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Ruler of Abu Dhabi, Crown Prince and Chairman of the Executive Council of the UAE.

It is one of the most beautiful Emirates and a great tourist destination that attracts both citizens and tourists. This article is concerned to provide you with a Five-Days Tourism program in Abu Dhabi, to enjoy its charming and beautiful features.


First day: Recreation

Five-Days Tourism program in Abu Dhabi 653467

Abu Dhabi Corniche is the perfect place to start your journey. It attracts about 30 to 50 thousand visitors a month with its outstanding facilities. It is also surrounded by a number of distinctive restaurants and hotels- like the worldly famous Hilton Hotel. There, you can rent or buy bikes and Motorcycles to enjoy driving on the beach sand under the sun.

For the remark, “Fun Ride Sports” company often displays types of bikes, such as Mountain bikes, city bikes, and even special bikes for women who wear the robes “Abayah”.

However, don’t miss having dinner in the evening at one of the restaurants in Abu Dhabi Corniche while watching the memorizing scene of sunset.


Second day: a Visit to Yas Waterworld

Five-Days Tourism program in Abu Dhabi - Yas Waterworld

It takes you 10 minute to arrive to the Yas Waterworld from Abu Dhabi International Airport, and 30 minutes from Abu Dhabi city center.

There, you can spend an enjoyable day accompanied with family or friends, and  experience the tallest, longest and most exciting water slides in the region. You can also have dinner or lunch at Yas Waterpark restaurant, and try their set of juices and ice cream that will help you to beat the heat.


Third day: Meet Cultural Landmarks

Five-Days Tourism program in Abu Dhabi - village
During your visit to Abu Dhabi you will not refrain visiting the Arabian Nights Village,

where you will be forbidden of watching T.V so you can experience the “real life” and enjoy causes of welfare and relax, and most importantly: to identify the characteristics of the ancient Arabian Nights through keeping up with the old and authentic cultural patterns.

You can also watch traditional houses like the traditional desert mud house, original sailors’ palm leaves house and even tents.


Fourth day: a Visit to Hili Fun City

hilli fun city

Since its founding in 1985, Hili Fun City has perfectly drawn smiles over faces of its visitors, in which it was, and is still, a perfect place for a recreational day for the whole family.

Visitors of Hili Fun City can spend a whole day full of enjoyment, and also having Asian and Mediterranean dinner or lunch at the city’s restaurant.


Day Five: a to Visit Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Five-Days Tourism program in Abu Dhabi 4365

You cannot conclude your visit to Abu Dhabi and leave it without visiting the Sheikh Zayed grand Mosque and feeling the spiritual depth in the place. It was built at the directives of H.H. UAE’s late President Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, to be an Islamic monument that deepens the Islamic culture, concepts and religious values among the Islamic books in its huge library.


To read this in Arabic, click here.


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