Fishing in the UAE: Fun and Learning

Fishing in the UAE Fun and Learning 876

Fishing is a fun sport that implants patience and wisdom, as lovers of it spend long hours waiting for the glory of catching a fish.

The beach of the UAE is a good place to practice your favorite sport of fishing, where you find several areas especially dedicated for fishermen and fishing.

One of the best places of Fishing in the UAE is Fujairah, where you can book a fishing trip at good price, in which you can use techniques, such as hand gathering, spearfishing, netting, angling and trapping to catch your fish.

During your hunting trip, you can learn a lot about the a great number of fish that UAE shores abound, such as El Dorado, Sailfish, Amberjack and Marlin.

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Many fishermen like to make exploratory trips aboard boats or in the UAE islands to spend good time enjoying the beauty and silence of the sea.

We should be noting that the best fishing seasons are between the months of May and October, in which the other months are an opportunity to beaches to restore its ecological recover. On the other hand, it is an opportunity for fish to reproduce young fish.

As an act of respect for nature and resources we are granted by Allah , professionals and good fishers of the sport release pregnant and small fish.

However, you should be organizing your time if you want to involve in such sport, as getting addicted to it might eventually lead you to ignoring the family, especially if it was on picturesque and stunning beaches such as those of the UAE.

To book a fishing trip at one of Fujairah Fishing Charters. click here.

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