Find What You Want At Bawabat Al Sharq Mall

Find What You Want At Bawabat Al Sharq Mall 586464756

Developed by Baniyas Investment & Development Company, Bawabat Al Sharq Mall is part of Bawabat Al Sharq Project, a multi-billion Dirham mixed use real estate development in Abu Dhabi, spanning 108 hectares of land in Baniyas City.
Opened in 2011, Bawabat Al Sharq Mall is considered an attractive community hub and is home to an wide range of world renowned brands, some of which were introduced for the first time to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

With vast spaces and natural lighting, the mall boasts traditional design features, with expansive spaces covering 62,265 sqm across two floors. Moreover, the mall is home to many world renowned brands and is featuring 150 stores- in addition to many more soon to open shops, a Carrefour, Grand Cinemas, over 22 restaurants and cafes and ample parking.

“If shopping is your pastime, dining your delight, movies your passion, or socializing your pleasure, come to Bawabat Al Sharq mall and find everything you want and so much more!”

Find What You Want At Bawabat Al Sharq Mall 584756

Bawabat Al Sharq Mall

Phone: +971 2 503 1400
Location Map:

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