Find Out The Most Important Shipping Companies In Dubai

Find Out The Most Important Shipping Companies In Dubai

Are you looking for a shipping company to transport your goods or products? Today we’ll give you a number of major Shipping Companies in Dubai:

* flydubai:

If you’re transporting valuable, perishable goods or courier items, flydubai can help. They offer a range of options for different types of cargo.

If your package is larger or weighs more than the sizes and weights in the table, contact

Tel: 0097146033556

Official website: click here.

* IAL Logistics Emirates LLC:

IAL Group of Companies renders Supply Chain Logistics Solutions from the very first to the last mile of the Supply Chain Process.

The Group, headquartered in Dubai, established its first company – IAL Container Line (UK) Ltd. in 1992. Today, the Group Companies cover the entire spectrum of serrvices rangingfrom Liner Operations, Shipping Agencies, International and In-country Logistics and Container Solutions to IT solutions across the Middle East, Indian Sub-continent, South East Asia and the Far East.

Official website: click here.

* Jnt cargo:

JNT Cargo and Movers operates the most respected interstate removals service in UAE to ensure that no matter where you are JNT Cargo can move you to where you are going. Every year, hundreds of families, corporations and government agencies trust JNT Cargo to move them, their employees and goods from UAE to GCC and all around globe.

Tel: 0097142611505

Official website: click here.

Project arabia shipping services LLC:

This company provides important services through the transport of goods within and outside the UAE in record time,

Tel: 0097167447845

Location on map: click here.

* Al Fares Cargo Service and Clearance:

Al Fares Cargo helps customers all over the world with their transport and logistics needs. Regardless of the size of the job, our aim is always the same: to provide a solution that best serves the interests of the customer in terms of time and price. This requires experience, flexibility and creativity.

Tel: 0097143200340

Official website: click here.

* AlNajma AlMubashra Air Cargo Services:

This company is one of the largest and oldest companies in the UAE, it’s work is not limited to air freight only, but also extends to land and sea transport, as well as logistic services and cargo clearance.

Tel: 0097142207575

Official website: click here.

* Empire Shipping Services LLC:

Empire Shipping works closely with its local as well as international clients and strives hard to maximize customer satisfaction to the global standards in the field of Shipping and Logistics through its professional approach.

Tel: 0097143979111

Official website: click here.

To read this post in Arabic, click here.

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