Find out about wages and salary ranges in Dubai

Find out about wages and salary ranges in Dubai

Wages and salary ranges vary in Dubai, the actual amount will depend on qualifications, experience, employee nationality, employment history, employer mood, and other random factors.

Salary ranges are mostly dependent on your negotiation skills. For instance, an executive secretary may be paid more than a product sales representative within the same company, and even two secretaries working on same jobs can have different salary packages.

wages and salary ranges

A new study conducted by Aon Hewitt, the leading management consultancy firm, on Global Salary Increase Survey 2015, revealed that salaries in UAE are likely to increase 4.8 percent in 2015, as per the study conducted by 500 or more organizations and businesses in Middle East.

There are a range of jobs in Dubai that are much the same as in any city, but the range of incomes are larger than those otherwise familiar by expats for several reasons.

According to guide2dubai site that Manual labour type jobs are demanding and are poorly paid. Labourers work for 12 hours a day and 7 days a week. Maids, nannies, gardeners, drivers, and security guards fall under this category. Minimum salaries of maids are set by their respective governments of the country they come from.

It is, however, unclear, if these minimum pay scales are supported by labour law in UAE. At present it is, Bangladesh Dh.750, India Dh.1100, Indonesia Dh.800, Philippines Dh.1400, Sri Lanka Dh.850.

Jobs in tourism and service sectors are poorly paid and are quite demanding. Some sectors, such as aircrew, have all nationalities represented, and working conditions and salaries are much better.

wages and salary ranges vary in Dubai

The nursing sector seems attractive, and is in demand, but not so well paid. Receptionists and secretaries earn low wages for long hours of work.

For Middle Management, majority of the employed are usually Asians, particularly Indians, or expat Arab. The pay can be mediocre to reasonable, or even better for well-trained executives in large corporations.

Teaching is one of the few professions that has a minimum wage of Dh.2000 per month, although it is not always adhered to. Schools with English curriculum or western oriented private schools have teacher salaries in the range Dh.5000 to Dh.15,000, while a handful of them pay up to Dh.20,000 per month. Salaries sometimes vary in the same school depending on the nationality of the teacher. However, public school teachers earn Dh.25,000 or more depending on their qualification and experience.

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