Explore LALUZ Restaurant At Four Seasons, DIFC, Dubai

Explore Laluz Restaurant At Four Seasons, DIFC, Dubai

Laluz restaurant have met a huge success in Madrid, Barcelona and Girona, and it’s now serving its delicious food in Dubai at the Four Seasons in the DIFC.

Explore Laluz  At Four Seasons, DIFC, Dubai

The Barcelona-born chef “Alain Devahivehe” is the executive chef at LALUZ restaurant, who spent a decade at three Michelin-starred restaurant elBulli, before moving behind the scenes to elBullitaller, its food research laboratory.

Laluz Restaurant At Four Seasons, DIFC, Dubai

The chef has held culinary positions in a number of Michelin-starred restaurants in Spain and France. He has taken some Catalonian regional classics, along with broader Spanish and Mediterranean dishes and added a splash of novelty to really transform the cuisine.

Laluz At Four Seasons, DIFC, Dubai

At Laluz, meaning ‘the light’, the food is a fusion of Mediterranean and French cooking, with less Moorish influences than other regions of Spain. The proximity to the sea gives Catalonian fare a wealth of seafood, whilst many dishes are similar to neighboring regions, but with an added twist. For example, paprika is omitted from sausages which differentiates them from Spanish chorizo, and their version of paella is made with squid ink rice and seafood.


The venue itself has distinct lounge, bar and dining spaces, and an open aired terrace for when the weather is nice. The staff are almost all Spanish speakers, add an authentic touch to this stellar dining experience.

Explore Laluz Restaurant At Four Seasons, DIFC

Cuisines: Mediterranean, Spanish

Features: Business Lunch, DJ Music, Lounge Bar.

Laluz Opening Hours: Sat-Fri: 12 PM – 3 AM

Phone number: 04 3597777

Cost: AED 470 for two people (approx.)

Address: Unit C-01, Ground Floor, Gate Village Building 9, DIFC, Dubai.

Location Map:

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