Experience Some Of The Finest Arabic Cuisine At Al Khettar Restaurant & Café in Dubai

Al Khettar Restaurant & Café

Enjoy the journey to Arabian Peninsula’s roots with Al Khettar Restaurant & Café, The restaurant is serving the dishes with its original flavour and serving other dishes for the first time in UAE and in the region.

Al Khettar Restaurant & Café decor

Al Khettar Restaurant & Café is designed in modern style which is influenced by the Peninsula’s rich culture elements such as sand color, sand waves design and traditional calligraphy. In addition the walls are used as cultural pictures and paintings gallery which will be also used to educate customers about Arabian Peninsula and display beginners and amateur photography work.

Al Khettar Restaurant & Café dubai

The mouthwatering dishes on the menu–crafted in consultation with local chefs and home cooks alike–include chicken biryani, fire-grilled lamb kebabs, and falafel. They make for a truly sumptuous table spread–and a happily edible lesson in history and culture.

Location: Ground Floor, Al Shalli Building, Al Ittihad Road, Hor Al Anz East, Dubai

Telephone: +971 4 296 4422

Website: http://www.alkhettar.com/


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