Everything you need to know about Dubai Safari Zoo Park

Dubai Safari Zoo Park

Dubai Safari Zoo Park covers 119 hectares of the total area is aimed at establishing the best centre for wildlife in the world, providing a variety of environments appropriate to different animals.

The park will feature 100 different kinds of plants, each related to the area’s theme, with over 2,500 trees.

The project will use modern interactive methods in control and movement to ensure the distinctive and unique experience for visitors.

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Dubai Safari comprises of several themed areas, including Arabian, Asian and African villages. Some of the other attractions that visitors can look forward across a designated site of 60 hectares are an amateur golf course, a botanical garden and a butterfly garden, in addition to restaurants and a food court.

There will initially be 1,600 parking spaces over two designated areas, while further down the line, the municipality intends to expand it to 3,600 parking spaces over 9.4 hectares.

* Open Mid 2016.

* Cost Dh150 million.

* Area of 119 Hectares

* 1000 animals,  350 species including endangered animals

* This project will replace the existing Zoo in Jumeirah

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