Enjoy your time in the best cafes of UAE

Enjoy your time in the best cafes in UAE 8765788

Traditional Cafes vary in the Arab countries. A traditional cafe is basically a place for drinking tea and coffee, exchanging talks and playing simple games such as chess and cards.

But recently, the concept of traditional cafes has completely changed in UAE in which it became a place for practicing different cultural and recreational activities, of course,  along with having meals and snacks and drinking different beverages.

If you’re in Dubai, or planning to visit it soon, here is a list of the best and most popular cafes in Dubai that would really win your admiration.


Public cafe :

This cafe is one of the most popular cafes in Dubai. It is located in Al Jumeirah area and it attracts a lot of young people for drinking beverages and  having fast food.  The decoration of Public Cafe represents simplicity and high-class in one place.

Its long windows amazingly increase the splendor of the place, especially in the morning.

Enjoy your time in one of the best cafes in UAE - public cafe

Lila Cafe :

Lila Cafe is located next to the Museum of animation and has brilliant color decorations . It offers different kinds of drinks and snacks while visitors can enjoy playing chess, dominoes and UNO.  The cafe offers gifts for young children.  In addition to that, there is a balcony that is especially dedicated for hookah (shisha) lovers.

Enjoy your time in one of the best cafes in UAE - Lila Cafe

Fudo cafe ; 

This cafe is a little different from the other cafes in terms of design.

It  mixes between local design of UAE and airspace of Japan, where visitors can eat the most delicious types of sushi there, along with different drinks while overlooking the Jumeirah Beach in a wonderful special view.

Enjoy your time in one of the best cafes in UAE - Fudo cafe

Reem Al Bawadi cafe:

It is located in the Jumeirah Beach Road and it has the traditional UAE design; that’s why most of its visitors are generally  from the Gulf nationalities and countries- as they like enjoying their time playing backgammon, having hookah and drinking coffee.

In Ramadan, this cafe serves an impressive Iftar table that everyone likes.

Enjoy your time in one of the best cafes in UAE - Reem Albawadi



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