Emirati, Japanese Cooperation To Launch ‘Snow Miku’ In UAE

Emirati Japanese cooperation to launch 'Snow Miku' in UAE

Chillout Ice Lounge, recently announced a new agreement with Japanese firm Crypton Future Media, Inc. to introduce ‘Snow Miku’ to UAE. Chillout Ice Lounge will be the first establishment in the Middle East to incorporate both Snow Miku into their service offerings.

Chillout Ice Lounge, a Sharaf Group venture through Sharaf HQ Investment, and the Middle East’s first and only ice lounge, launched in 2007, combines the novelty of sub-zero temperatures in the Middle East with unique interior designs.

Emirati, Japanese Cooperation To Launch 'Snow Miku'

The Ice Lounge has incorporated world-class technological innovations in refrigeration, lighting and architecture-which combines ice, glass and steel. Having built a popular-base amongst residents in the UAE, and tourists from the GCC, Middle East and the world over, Chillout Ice Lounge is now taking a technological approach to its entertainment offerings. In the wintery spotlight at the lounge is Snow Miku, a character associated with and celebrated for enlivening winters in Hokkaido, Japan.

Snow Miku first created at the Sapporo Snow Festival 2010, Hokkaido, is based on the first snow sculpture of the popular Hokkaido-born virtual singer Hatsune Miku. Hatsune Miku, which means “the first sound from the future” is a humanoid persona voiced by Piapro Studio-a singing synthesizer VSTi Plugin, developed by Crypton Future Media, Inc and Yamaha Corporation’s Vocaloid2 and Vocaloid3 singing synthesizer technologies. Hatsune Miku has performed onstage at concerts as an animated projection.


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