Emirati citizen wins car plate No. 1 with Dh18 million

plate No. 1

At Al Jawaher Reception & Convention Centre, the first auction for distinguished car plate numbers registered in Sharjah was held, where plate No. 1 was sold with Dh18 million, for the Emirati businessman Aref Al Zarouni, who said he has won this unique number after a big competition.

Emirati citizen wins car plate No. 1 with Dh18 million

The first auction for distinguished number plates organised by Emirates Auction with Sharjah Police was attended by 1,340 participants of different nationalities

Along with plate No. 1, a total of 60 distinguished licence plates were sold, which generated more than Dh50 million. Special numbers included 12, 22, 50, 100, 123, 333, 755, 777, 1000, 2016, 2020 and 99999.

Emirati wins car plate No. 1 with Dh18 million

Plate number 12 fetched Dh2,070,000, 22 fetched Dh2,080,000, 50 got Dh1,900,000, 100 and 333 were auctioned for Dh1.5 million each. Several other plates generated hundreds of thousands of dirhams, organizers said.

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