Eid in the UAE: Tradition and Modernity

Eid in the UAE - Tradition and Modernity

As Eid is just around the corner, a lot of inherited traditions are going to be unveiled to combine with modern ones in a form that rises curiosity inside some people to meet these traditions.

Eid atmosphere in the UAE: inherited customs and traditions

Social habits

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Just like all Islamic countries, people in the UAE welcomes Eid al-Fitr with new and stylish clothes, that show feelings of joy and happiness of this special occasion. As for family and relatives, they all are used to meet at the home of the oldest members of the family- usually the grandparent’s home, where they spend good time catching up in a lovely atmosphere that strengthens and ties the kinship among all family members.

Fawalat El Eid

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A rich table full of varieties of traditional cuisine and Arabic authentic sweets that are specially prepared for this occasion is a main thing in Eid Al Fiter. Families gather around enjoying the delicious Emirati Khabees and Harees, in addition to rice with meat and other distinctive cuisine on the table. As for the dessert, Omani dessert gains popularity at the UAE in this special occasion.


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Eidia is a simple sum of money presented to children on the occasion of Eid Al Fitr, meant to spread joy and happiness in their little hearts in an occasion Islamic religion is keen to make special among Muslims. It is a good habit that strengthens solidarity and social synergy among the community.

In the UAE, Eidia is not only about money offered by parents and relatives, children also receive additional amount of Eidia from neighbors.

Women Preparations
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Women begin preparing early for Eid Al Fitr, as they start to do shopping about a month before, in order to purchase everything they need to prepare delicious Emirati dishes. Women also are keen to clean up their homes as cleanness is part of Eman. Emirati women also used to gather to sews Eid clothes, and prepare “Hennah”  about a week before to design on their hands and bodies.

This is not everything, Emirati women are renowned of giving special attention to perfumes ,as they are keen to wearing perfumes and scenting their hair- which is often braided-  with special kinds that are often hand-made.

Decorating the Streets


Emirati streets are also celebrating! The government is keen to spread joy in the streets by decorating them in different ways to welcome visitors and congratulate citizens with special greeting phrases such as “Eid Mubarak”, as a special addition  that raises happiness in the atmosphere.

Emirates Today: A Tourist Destination For a Perfect Holiday

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UAE is no longer as it was in the past: a vast land of wilderness and desserts; instead, it became a number of states in which each feet tells a different story of success and hard work. It became a tourist attraction that caused everyone to fall in love with.

As for Eid in the UAE, tourists and visitors will be in front of a great number of unlimited attractions that satisfies every taste.

Tradition and heritage ahollics, for example, can spend their holiday in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah or Ras Al Khaimah, where they can see forts and castles, whereas  those who want to meet religious and Islamic places, can perform Eid Prayers at Al Jame’ Al Kabeer (Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque), that adds a special touch of tranquility and safety to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Visitors then can visit Sharjah, the gorgeous city that has always captivated visitors to its outstanding Islamic character, in addition to the events that are held there and entertainment facilities.

As for the Emirate of magic and beauty, Dubai, it hosts visitors with its own distinctive atmosphere that immediately spreads cheer and happiness among everyone.

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