Dubai’s First Water Birthing Facility

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Water birthing has been gaining a huge popularity in Dubai and around the world, as it has many benefits for the mother, including  less painful contractions, shorter labor, and less need for analgesia.

However, water births have firstly been common in Europe as well as in Australia and New Zealand, and it then spread in the Middle East and around the world.

This new birthing concept arrived to the UAE by Dubai’s First Water Birthing Facility in Al Zahra Hospital about a year ago, as the hospital announced:” We are pleased to tell you that Al Zahra Hospital Dubai can now offer you the opportunity to use a birthing pool for your labour and birth”.

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“We know that the more relaxed, secure and in control you feel and the more able you are to move about freely, the more likely it is that you will have a quicker and more straightforward birth. For some women birthing pools offer all these benefits”, the official website notes.

Al Zahra Hospital Dubai

However, women should be careful, as water birth isn’t for everyone. Women expected to have a difficult birth, or those with a genetically smaller pelvis or who are obese, may not be appropriate candidates for a water birth.

The hospital has one pool in the active birth room which is suitable for labour and birth in the water and three inflatable pools in other rooms which are suitable for labour only.

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For more information about water birth, visit Al Zahra website from here.



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