Dubailand: Fifth Most Expensive Construction Project

Dubailand- Fifth Most Expensive Construction Project

With a cost of approximately $64.3 billion, Dubailand occupied the fifth rank in the Top 10 Most Expensive Construction Projects in the World list of frecked website. Dubailand is and  entertainment complex constructed in Dubai, and owned by Tatweer Construction company. The fourth on the list was taken by King Abdullah Economic City, followed by Kashagan Fields and The International Space Station in the third and second ranks, noting that the first was occupied by The US Interstate Highway System, at an approximate cost of $425 billion.

The construction of Dubai land was actually started in 2003, however, it got affected by financial crisis in Dubai and recession. The project stopped in 2008, but started again in mid 2013 and is expected to be completed before 2020.

The land is spread over around 278km sq. featuring 45 big projects and 200 small projects. This means it will be twice as big as Walt Disney World Resort and will have the biggest collection of theme parks. Dubailand is of 6 parts: Sports and outdoor world, Attraction and experience world, Eco-tourism world, Downtown, Themed Leisure and Vacation world, and Retail and Entertainment world.

Dubailand - Fifth Most Expensive Construction Project

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