Dubai Traffic Fines

Dubai Police Traffic Fines 989-8

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) at Dubai has been keen to decrease traffic accidents and violations, as the country is going through a massive progress in the transport network and roads system. Thus, in cooperation with Dubai Police and RTA, they tended to make a list of traffic violations showing the violation, the amount of fine and number of black points issued towards it.

Dubai Traffic Fines

For the remark, The black points system was developed by Dubai Police to encourage safe driving practices, in which every particular violation you make, a certain number of black points will be issued against your driving license. For example, if you were caught recklessly driving, 12 black points will be issued, with a fine of Dh.2000 . You may be banned from driving any kind of vehicle if your black points exceed a total of 24 points.

For more information about Dubai Traffic Fines, here we introduce you a table noting a number of violations with their fine and black points.

SL No. Description Fines amounts Black Points Vehicle Confiscation Period
1 Driving dangerously (racing) 2000 12 30 Days
2 Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or similar substances Decided by court 24 50 Days
3 Driving a vehicle without number plates 1000 24 50 Days
4 Causing death of others Decided by court 12 30 Days
5 Not stopping after causing an accident that resulted in injuries Decided by court 24 50 Days
6 Reckless driving 2000 12 30 Days
7 Exceeding maximum speed limit by more than 60km/h 1000 12 30 Days
8 Driving in a way that is dangerous to the public 1000 12 30 Days
9 Jumping a red light 800 8 15 Days
10 Running away from a traffic policeman 800 12 30 Days

To see the full table of all fines, click here.

To pay fines for Dubai Police, click here.


To pay fines for RTA, click here.



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