Dubai skyscrapers overtake New York’s

Dubai skyscrapers overtake New York's  - 89798-

In 2015, there were about 100 skyscrapers that exceed the height of 300 meters, distributed among various countries around the world, including the new 432 meters height “Park Avenue” skyscraper in in New York, US.

The majority of these skyscrapers are found in Asia and the Middle East, which is a good sign of prosperity and development. It took the world 80 years, between 1930 and 2010, to construct 50 skyscrapers, whilst in the recent five years witnessed the construction of other 50, according to “Khaleej Times” newspaper .

The growth that the UAE has recently reached, allowed us to say that Dubai skyscrapers  are overtaking New York’s  in its number; Dubai has 18 skyscrapers that exceed the height of 300 meters, overtaking New York in 11 ones- not to mention the 4 constructed in Abu Dhabi.

The construction of “Park Avenue” skyscraper in New York was completed in December 23rd, 2015, taking the number of skyscrapers around the world to 100.

It is considered one of the highest residential buildings, and it was ranked 14th globally. But in contrast, Burj Khalifa is still the highest tower around the world .

As for skyscrapers exceeding 600 meters, they are three of them,  in which Burj Khalifa is still the highest.

It has been said that the number of towers are going to be rising in the coming years, presented in a tower to be constructed in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, and another in Kuala Lumpur.

The graph below is showing the increasing number of skyscrapers in the world between 1965 and 2015:

Dubai skyscrapers overtake New York's

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