Dubai Miracle Garden: 18 Acres of Blossoming Fowers

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Once again, Dubai was able to impress the  world with its distinctive achievements. We’re talking here about the Miracle Garden, that was recorded in Guinness Book as the largest garden of flowers in the world, and the largest wall of flowers at a length of 800-meter. The Miracle Garden was started up with the planting of more than 45 million flowers of all kinds- locally planted and imported flowers.

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The park, which was opened few years ago, is located on an area of ​​18 acres- about 2,000 square meters, and it became now one of the most famous and distinctive characteristics of Dubai.

Miracle Garden 234567

The park has a number of tourist services that allow guests to spend the best time, such as car parking, seating areas, prayer areas along with providing security and first aid rooms. It worked to offer retail shops, too.

The Garden is famous because of its wonderful works of art that are all designed of colorful flowers, such as a train covered with flower, fortresses, windmills, towers, doors walls and many other artistic forms that are all fully covered with flowers.

Miracle Garden 45345678

Enjoy wandering in the wonderful walkways and make sure you reach the one covered with the colorful umbrellas in a stunning view that will be imprinted in your mind.

Miracle Garden 23459667

Lots of “paintings” that are covered with flowers such as some cartoon characters of Walt Disney World are also found in different places around the garden.

Officials tend to continuously change the views every when and a while,  to make the garden more active and attractive .

The Miracle Garden

The Miracle Garden 678

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