Dubai Launches “Ejari” App To Complete Rental Contracts

Dubai Launches Ejari App To Complete Rental Contracts

Dubai Land Department “DLD” has launched “Ejari” App which is expected to make registration of rental / lease agreements easy and accessible to Owners and Real Estate Management Companies of various categories in the Emirate of Dubai.

The new App will now allow you to check your rent contract details and rent increases on your smart phone.

The “Ejari” smart application is aimed at reducing the number of routine visits to the department by property owners and tenants.

The app also allows users to print the Ejari contract, but one must acknowledge, at the beginning, that the information shared is true and correct and any false, misrepresentation, or omission of facts is a violation of the rental sector rule.

Ejari App

It is mandatory for all tenants to register their rent contracts with Dubai Land Department’s Ejari system. The registration costs you Dh195 with the cost being paid by the tenant in most cases.

Residents must remember that it is also mandatory to cancel Ejari registration when a tenant vacates a property or does not renew the tenancy contract. If the cancellation is not done, then the system will not accept the new registration which today is necessary when applying for family residence visa or getting telecom services.

How it works?

Registration through Ejari is a simple process requiring little technical knowledge and that only the basic details of agreements are entered. These include information such as details of the property, the name of the rental company, and terms of the agreement. Once the agreement is entered into the system and registered it is allocated a unique barcode which acts as its reference throughout the life of the contract. RERA will keep its own record of the agreement and update changes to the register as these occur.

To download this app for Android, click here.

To download this app For iphone, click here.

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