Dubai Holding launches Marasi Business Bay

Marasi Business Bay

Dubai Holding revealed, via its real estate “DPG”, the hugest project to develop the area along the creek channel within the Business Bay under the name of Marasi Business Bay.

The project spreads on a land of more than 16,000 square meters and involves the construction of 12 km waterfront along Al Khor Channel, including the longest tourist park by the sea in Dubai and 5 amazing anchorages taking the form of palm frond that can accommodate up to 1250 boats.

Dubai Holding launches Marasi Business Bay with billion dirhams

Marasi Business Bay also has landscaped-gardens, residential units and floating homes on the water, in addition to establishing a new concept in hospitality throughout the floating restaurants on the canal water.

Moreover, the project includes a unique club for yachts and marine tourism, along with a range of entertainment facilities and retail spaces in order to create new and different shopping environment in Dubai.

Dubai Holding launches Marasi Business Bay with billion dirhams - 2

HE Mohammed Al Qerqawi, Chairman of Dubai Holding, pointed out that Dubai’s relationship with Dubai Creek water is a unique historical relationship, where the new project will revive the life to the creek, and will add new dimensions to the method of construction, housing and tourism . Adding that the waterfront along the creek channel will be the longest, richest, and most beautiful regarding to its facilities and area of ​​green spaces.

Dubai Holding launches Marasi Business Bay with billion dirhams - 8987

“The goal is to build a different lifestyle on the waters of the creek, different shopping experience, and different concept of entertainment”, Al Qerqawi said, and continued: “The real estate development today is not a matter of building and constructing anymore, instead, it is a new place for creativity and renewal, as well as symbol of the civilization of Dubai”.

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