Dubai executes a simulation experiment of an accident

Dubai executes a simulation experiment of an accident 4

Roads and Transport Authority ( RTA ) carried out a simulation experiment for an accident between more than a vehicle in Dubai airport tunnel. The experiment was successfully conducted with the participation of several government-federal and local entities such as  : The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA(, Emergency team of crises and disasters in Dubai, Dubai Police Force, General Directorate of Civil Defense in Dubai, Dubai Foundation for Ambulance Services, Dubai municipality, Fly Emirates and others.

Dubai executes a simulation experiment of an accident

Mr. Ahmed Hashim Bahrouzyan, Chairman of the Crisis Management Team and CEO of the license in the authority, was pleased after the success of the experiment, pointing out that the outstanding efforts, made by the strategic partners in the implementation of the simulation, show good homogeneity and coordination between the sharing entities.

Dubai executes a simulation experiment of an accident2

Mr. Behroozian explained that the experiment that was performed is simulation of  an accident between two vehicles in the tunnel,  in which a vehicle was carrying flammable material while the other was carrying pigments. This accident actually caused another to happen right away between a public bus, a taxi and two private vehicles.

Dubai executes a simulation experiment of an accident 3

The accidents’  implications required a quick widespread intervention and by the crisis management team that was successfully performed in the experiment.

He added: the experiment lasted for more than four hours, and required a high level of readiness and hard work, but at the last, it  proved the willingness these entities would offer to interfere and contain such accidents.


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