Dubai Children Can Take Their Sick Toys For Treatment To The Hospital

Dubai Children Can Take Their Sick Toys For Treatment To The Hospital

The Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences (MBRUMHS) and the Knowledge and Human Development Authority have adopted an innovative idea. The idea was earlier suggested by Mahmoud Jamal Al Deen through the Mohammad Bin Rashid Smart Majlis app.

Mahmoud Jamal Al Deen, who works in a private firm in Dubai, gave a presentation before officials during an innovative ideas meeting within the Majlis, which was held at Dubai Academic City recently, in the presence of Dr Abdullah Al Karam, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Director General KHDA, and representatives from the MBRU.

The idea is aimed at making children who are afraid of hospitals and doctors will soon be able to take their sick toys for treatment in Dubai.

Dr Karam welcomed the cooperation with the MBRU for the implementation of the idea that targets the happiness of children.

He stressed that the authority would work in the coming period with the educational community to spread this idea.

The university team also welcomed the suggestion from the first moment. The university will use a simulation centre, where kids will meet health workers, who will assess and treat the toys. “In emergency surgery cases, children can watch the procedure in the operating room.”

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