Dubai Airport Metro Station

Dubai Airport Metro Station

Dubai Airport Metro Station is  a clean, air-conditioned and modern system, directly linked to Dubai International.

The red line of the Metro station serves Dubai International Airport’s main terminal- terminal1, which is used by all the major airlines. Located on Airport Road, it runs directly southeast from Dubai city center on the east side of The Creek.

The station also serves terminal 3, where the metro stop can be accessed directly from the arrivals area of Terminal 3.

But you should know that the terminals are quite far from each other and are not linked to the metro. However, you can find some transportation that you can check once you get to the station.

Trains run about every 10 minutes from Terminals 1 and 3. Service starts at 5.50am (5.30am on Thursday), and stops at midnight (1 am on Thursday/Friday). Noting that there is no service on Friday mornings and it only starts at 1pm.
the metro lines lead to and from Dubai Airport are actually making the network simple to use even for newcomers.

“Most stations have connecting buses and taxi ranks for onward travel. Most major hotels and tourist destinations are relatively close to a station, too”.

As for ticket are bought at the airport stations, and the cost depends on how many zones you travel, but is always extremely affordable.

The front carriage on each train is ‘gold class’, for a small premium with a great view. There is also a carriage for “women and children only”.


For more information on the metro stops, visit this website.

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