Dragon Mart: Integral Experience

Dragon Mart: Integral Experience

Opened in December 2004, the 1.2 kilometer-long Dragon Mart is considered the largest trading center for Chinese products outside mainland China. The mall was recently expanded with total built-up area of 175,000 sqm, in which the expansion now features 3-Star Hotel, hypermarket, cinemas, entertainment, restaurants, retail, additional car parks and much more, enhancing the breadth and depth of the retail unit.

Dragon Mart - Integral Experience

The expansion houses 570 shops, covering a massive variety of products, including toys, watches, mobile phones, electronics and electrical appliances, bicycles, machinery, stationery, home appliances, kitchen tools, medical products and spare parts.

As for prices at Dragon Mart, they are negotiable and haggling, encouraging you to buy whatever you want at the price you want.

Dragon Mart 98760

If you are a jewelry lover, but don’t have a big budget to buy something expensive, then hit to Dragon Mart. You can get a matching set of dazzling earrings, necklace and rings for around AED 200. There are also plenty of subtle, stackable friendship bracelets and rings which look way more expensive than they actually are. On the other hand, if you are a party lover, you can choose light-up trainers at a cheap price of different colors and styles offered there.

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Similarly, if you are interested to buy Hoverboards, but  you are not doing it for the price, then Dragon Mart is the best place to change your mind. It offers you cheap Hoverboards, with prices ranging from around AED 1,399 to AED 2,400 depending on the make and mode. 
  Dragon Mart hiu

Dragon Mart also include many restaurants and cafes for a complete experience, hosting visitors from all UAE emirates as well as Oman, which is closer to the mall than some emirates are, in addition to Asians, Westerners, Russians and East Europeans.

Address: Al Awir Road,Dubai International City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 453 4282

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