Discover the most memorable cinema halls in Dubai

Discover the most memorable cinema halls in Dubai

Maybe you are one of those people who have become addicted to go to the cinema halls in order to enjoy watching the world’s best performances, and to enjoy exciting adventures and wonderful trips that take across movie scenes. But did you ever think about watching your favorite movie on a high surfaces under the light of the moon and stars? Or on the green grass in the arms of emerald gardens? Or maybe between the soft breezes of one of the glittering sea beaches?

You may consider this as just a dream in your wide imagination, but in fact all of this and even more actually became a reality in the city of miracles, Dubai!

There, you will enjoy the most beautiful and the best views of movies in the spectacular galleries that you can not expect, and in an atmosphere of fun and excitement. dear reader, We’ll show you five of the most famous and unique cinema galleries in Dubai, to expose their advantages in this report.


1-The Dome Box:

The Dome box cinema

In “Box Park” -The zone of the new shopping street Alousel- you overlook ‘The Dome Box “, as the first educational Cinema quad-dimensional in United Arab Emirates, and the perfect destination to meet children’s need for recreational and educational facilities, through the provision of cinematic productions by a sophisticated and innovative perspective . Each film Last for about 8 minutes, It’s presented through a 360° giant screen, telling epic and surprising stories, its cinematic explorations and adventures takes you to countless trips, and puts you in the heart of the events through several additions, such like fog , wind and smells.
«The Dome Box» accommodates up to 80 visitors, and offers some special prices for school visits. Hurry up! and reserve your seat to enjoy a unique experience in the unconventional cinema which gives you and your child an unforgettable memories through advanced technologies and personalities that almost jump off the screen.


2- Wafi:

Wafi cinema

If you’re a fan of watching your favorite movies in an open air space and under the stars, all you have to do is to go to the “Oud Metha” area, to enjoy a perfect experience through the cinematic presentations offered by cinema ” Wafi ” for free. You will enjoy watching a movie from the famous Hollywood films in front of large screen display with a high-performance of audio techniques. You can also eat popcorn, snacks, burgers or even shawarma, just like watching a movie in your home!

“Cinema Wafi” has a magnificent decorations, comfortable sessions, and charming panoramic views from above the surface and between the Pyramid Rooftop gardens.


3- Vox cinema:

vox cinema

The “Vox cinema”, always known by their unique cinematic experiences that have attracted millions of visitors to Dubai city, after an unrivaled successes in City Center ,the Emirates Mall, Mirdif City Centre, Mercato Mall, and Burjman Mall. Vox Cinema will take you today to new dimensions and concepts through the launch of its first showroom in the open air, it offers cinema’s lovers a golden opportunity to enjoy the most beautiful and the latest entertainment movies under the stars and the moon light.

The new “Vox cinema” hall is located on the roof top of the Galleria Mall with magnificent view of Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab in Dubai. And with winter ailing breezes, 111 guests can get “Vox Cinema” blankets, and enjoy one of the best display systems, as well as soft drinks and popcorn with different flavors, or maybe choose from a variety list of the Galleria Mall restaurants.


4- la playa club:

la playa club cinema

Enjoy a refreshing seaside atmosphere and a wonderful unique experience on the seashore of la playa club, through cinema presentations on the largest LED screen in the open air in Dubai. With the first beginnings of the sunset, the club turns into a unique showroom, where you can follow-up a selection of the most prominent movies while relaxing on a white sofa, eating delicious meals and refreshing drinks, or smoke your favorite flavor of shisha.

During the Dubai International cinematic festival, visitors have free offers for movies from the event, broadcast every evening. And there is no need to register in advance, all you have to do is to be present at the beach, choose the right seat, and watch your choice of films from around the world.


5- Reform Social & Grill:

Reform Social & Grill Cinema

In the quiet Lake’s area in ​​the Emirate of Dubai, the British restaurant “Reform Social & Grill” bases you every Tuesday to pursue a film between the arms of the picturesque gardens, its fresh calming and relaxing air breeze. Before 8 pm, which is the show time, a large screen is placed in front of the lake. The Restaurant’s crew starts creating the most amazing and delicious traditional British cuisine’s dishes and refreshments, as well as popcorn and fried sausages.

There is no doubt that this place is the perfect choice for people who like to enjoy their food and their films at the same time. you will have a wonderful entertainment experience by watching a variety of films, that suits all cenimastic tastes. The best thing here, is that you can enjoy all of these offers for free! if you order any food or drinks from the restaurant.

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