Discover Dubai’s most popular mall in Summer 2016

Discover Dubai's most popular mall in Summer 2016

Dubai shopping festival is considered to be known as the most exciting shopping festivals of Dubai. This festival is organized at the starting of a year and just before arrival of summer. Dubai Shopping festival is something that has made Dubai proud. The annual shopping festival, successfully positions Dubai as an international summer destination with a fantastic line-up of surprises, enjoyment and entertainment and this is evident from the social media conversations around the event globally.

Meltwater, a global media intelligence firm, an analysis of social media reactions on DSS revealed that not only people in UAE and other Arab countries were engaged with the festival, but also people from different regions in the world like India, Australia, UK and US as well.

Discover Dubai's most popular mall in Summer

An analysis of the comments on Twitter and Facebook, using Meltwater’s social media monitoring and analysis tools, since the beginning of DSS on July 9, reveals that 65% of the conversations were in the UAE, followed by US at 2%; and India, UK and Australia all recording 3% conversations each.

Discover Dubai's most popular mall

And according to the report, the highest amount of conversations about DSS 2016 took place on Twitter (53.95%) followed by Facebook at (33.26%). The most mentioned local malls this year for DSS were “Dubai Mall”, followed by “Mall of the Emirates” and “Mirdif City Centre Mall”.

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