Discover Al Maya Island in Abu Dhabi

Discover Al Maya Island in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the largest Emirate of the United Arab Emirates in terms of space, as it involves a large number of cultural and historic landmarks in addition to its dazzling geometric designs. However, the emirate also contain a large number of distinct islands that worth visiting. One of these islands is the Maya Island, which will be reviewed in this article.

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Despite its relatively small area, Al Maya Island has become today a tourist destination and a prominent stature that attracts the wealthy from inside and outside the UAE. Much has been said about the romantic ambience and calmness that made Al Maya Island an ideal place to spend a privileged honeymoon or unforgettable vacation. It is more like a distinct haven to escape the city noise and enjoy calmness and quietness. This island is located on the Arabian Gulf, near Al Saadiyat Island, and it is sixty minutes away from Dubai’s city center.

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Its multiplicity facilities make it an excellent tourist island, as it characterized by outstanding landscapes since the early hours of morning until sunset. In addition to that, the island sometimes organizes outdoor musical sections and DJ by the beach. The Island resort there also provides several water sports that enables you to enjoy your time there.


For reservations and inquiries, you can visit the island or call the following number:

Address: Mussafah Industrial City, Abu Dhabi.

Phone: +97126677777

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