Dining at beach restaurants in Dubai : an absolute pleasure

Dubai Coastline

Dubai has transformed its beach into one of the best beaches in the Middle East by developing the traditional concept of enjoying beaches. For beach restaurants in Dubai, they became distinctive places that anyone can enjoy having a meal while watching the sunset with a beautiful view.

If you’re interested in such places, check out the following best places to visit for a meal by the beach.

Jetty Lounge

Jetty Lounge is directly located at the waterfront near the port that is extending into the One & Only Hotel. This hall is characterized by its elegant view on the beach. It provides comfortable seating and relaxing background music.

You would enjoy the atmosphere there by sitting in one of the cottages at the beach and ordering out one of the international meals their menu contain, such as Mexican tortilla chips, Asian teriyaki chicken, or European Quiche.

Villa Beach

This restaurant is located just near Burj Al Arab. It has an outdoor area and closed-rooms area, with extraordinary view on the famous tower.

Villa Beach is known for its Mediterranean meals including light salads, distinctive seafood, steamed Halibut with Chowder shellfish and caviar.

Dining at beach restaurants in Dubai - an absolute pleasure - Villa Beach


This restaurant is a mobile food cart that offers fast food and burger. That’s why you’d see burger  lovers lining up in front of this simple humble restaurant

This food cart has evolved into a prominent conditioned balcony called “The Beach House” and added some “improvements” on its menu to include more meals along with fresh drinks, such as pink lemonade and ice cream.

Dining at beach restaurants in Dubai - an absolute pleasure- salt


Barasti is considered  restaurant as well as beach club at Le Meridien Mina, and is one of Dubai’s institutions. It has an outdoor platform that is multi-layered with friendly relaxing atmosphere and musical background. The restaurant is also provided by large screens for watching sports.

Dining at beach restaurants in Dubai - an absolute pleasure - barasti-beach-bar

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