Diabetes in the UAE

Diabetes in the UAE

At the end of 2015, International Diabetes Federation suggested that 415 million people around the world are living with diabetes, which is actually an increase from 387 million a year ago.

IDF - Diabetes in the UAE

We should note here that diabetes is mainly of two types:
Type 1: is an auto-immune condition where the pancreas is attacked by auto-antibodies causing it to fail. This necessitates treatment with insulin.

Type 2: is caused by an unhealthy, inactive lifestyle and weight gain. Insulin in this case becomes largely ineffective as insulin is actually there in the body, but the latest becomes resistant to it.

The second type, however, has become more spread in the recent years.

Diabetes in the UAE:

Diabetes in the UAE - Emirates Diabetes Society activities

According to figures in the late months of 2015  from International Diabetes Federation, 19.3% of adults aged 20 to 79 in the UAE are living with diabetes.

According to diabetesuae website, the UAE is ranked 16th worldwide, with 19% of the UAE population living with diabetes.
These statistics indicate that the region has high risk factors for diabetes, mostly related to rising obesity rates and physical inactivity.

One of the associations of diabetes in the UAE is Emirates Diabetes Society (EDS), which has been a member at the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) since 2000.

Emirates Diabetes Society,

EDS is a  non-profit medical society which was established in 1996. It represents a cross section of specialist physicians and healthcare providers who are actively involved in the management of diabetes and endocrinology.

“The Society has integrated the Mission and Values of IDF into its own objectives and works in close collaboration with IDF with the Vision of “living in a world without diabetes”, says Dr. Abdulrazzaq Al Madani, President of EDS.

Emirates Diabetes Society, 87698

Dr. Abdulrazzaq Al Madani, President of EDS

He adds: ” We began with the vision to reduce the burden of disease across our country and region, and I feel with every passing year, our presence contributes to helping others significantly”.

In his context, the EDS mainly focuses on educating the community about diabetes and its complications, encouraging healthy lifestyle adaptations, and preventing Type-2 Diabetes by decreasing the prevalence of risk factors leading to diabetes in the forthcoming years.

For the remark, the EDS tends to celebrate World Diabetes Day every year with great ceremony. It holds awareness campaigns all over the Emirates with free health checkups, free consultations with physicians and diabetes educators, and distribution of educational materials.

The society also has a Diabetes Clinic on the wheels, aptly named “Win Over Diabetes” – a fully equipped Clinic which travels all over the UAE with a team of 3 Doctors, 3 Nurses, and 1 Diabetes Educator focusing the Rural Regions.


Click here to visit International Diabetes Federation website.
Click here to visit Emirates Diabetes Society(EDS) website.


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