Demographics of the UAE

Demographics of the UAE ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

It is no doubt that the UAE has been a destination for a great number of immigrants who come of different nationalities from all over the world, as it is considered a business, medical, learning and entertainment hub.

Made up of seven emirates, the population of UAE was last recorded in 2016 to be about 9.384 million- including about 44.100 thousand net migrations this year. This number includes Emerities and tens of different nationalities. And here we note some of Demographics of the UAE. ( Males form about 69.5%, while females form about 30.5%)

Arab League Populations

The GCC Countries:

(citizens of each GCC member can live and work in any of the six countries of the GCC without visa and other restrictions).


There is a relatively small community of Kuwaitis who live in the UAE, as it includes about 1,000 Kuwaiti students studying at universities across the country.


Saudis in the UAE are mostly found working in the sectors of commerce and industry as well as medicine, law, insurance and shipping. They were about 5.500 Saudis in 2008.

Bahrainis, Omanis and Qataris

Membership of these countries to the GCC enables their nationals to freely  live and work in the UAE without restrictions.


About 90,000 Yemeni live in the UAE. However Yemen is not yet part of the GCC.


There are more than 100,000 Iraqis in the UAE

Jordanians and Palestinians

The Jordanian population in UAE in 2009 was estimated at 250,000, which is actually an increase from 80,000 in 2003. Whereas Palestinians there are estimated at 100,000.

Syrians and Lebanese

Syrians  living in the UAE are over 242,000, whereas  Lebanese are estimated at about 80,000.

Algerians and Tunisians

There are an estimated 15,000 Algerians living in the UAE, while small but unknown number of Tunisians live there.


They are estimated of 75,000,  where most of them are mainly based in Dubai, with smaller populations in other emirates.

South Asian Populations

The nationals of South Asian countries (in this case the data relates to Pakistan, Bangladesh , India, Nepal and Sri Lanka) comprise around 55% of UAE´s total population.

Pakistanis  in the UAE are estimated of about 1,600,000,  while Bangladeshis are over 600,00.

On the other hand, Indians form over 30% of the total population of the UAE, with an estimated number of about  2.2 million.

Nepalese are over 125.200, whereas Sri Lankans are over 300,000, working in different sectors in the country.

Other Populations

Some of the other populations in the UAE include:


There are over 50,000 United States nationals reside in the UAE, in which a great number  live in Dubai while sizable populations are also found in Abu Dhabi.


They were about 10,000 in 2014.


In 2006 the Ukrainian population was listed at 2,000. More recently, however, the population grew to 5,000.


Iranians in the UAE are about 500,000.


Australians have been attracted by the lifestyle Dubai offers, including the wealth of outdoor activities for their families. They are estimated of about of 7,000.

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