Day & Night Dubai Boats & Yachts Rental

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Seeking for a unique sea-trip or water sports? “Day & Night Dubai” might be the perfect choice for a good deal. Day & Night Dubai Boats & Yachts Rental is a family-run company aiming at offering professional, friendly and flexible services.

Day & Night Dubai Boats & Yachts Rental

With skilled and highly passionate team, this company is pleased to welcome you on board, committed to creating a safe, friendly, positive atmosphere for you to have the best cruise with family or friends.

You are free to choose from a wide selection of luxurious, superb yachts of different sizes and designs, all integrating the latest safety and navigation equipment according to the UAE Coast Guard requirements. Day & Night Dubai offers private yacht charter with full water sports facilities like Flyboard, X-Jetpack, Jet Ski, Banana Boat, Thriller Ride and Try Scuba Diving.

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Yachts of the company are based at Jumeirah 5 Umm Squim beside Burj Al Arab and at Dubai Marina walk beside Marina mall, and the team can easily monitor and carry out the maintenance, cleaning and preparation of the yachts to high standards.

Day & Night Dubai.

Address: Al Souq Fishing Harbor umm squiem 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Aspin Tower,
Office 403D
Phone: (+971) 43308787 / (+971) 52-6606060

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