Create Tomorrow’s Success With Abu Dhabi University

Create Tomorrow's Success With Abu Dhabi University

Abu Dhabi University; an internationally recognized university for quality education and applied research that drives economic and social development in the region and beyond.

Vision and Mission

The university is committed to produce highly qualified career-oriented graduates in alignment with regional and global needs through excellence in teaching, student learning, faculty scholarship and engagement in community development.

“Every great city must have a great university & Abu Dhabi University is the great University of Abu Dhabi. Our mission is to produce global leaders who understand the challenges of our time & make positive contributions to national & global prosperity. Our mission is not limited to educating students but also to transforming UAE to a vibrant, prosperous & strong nation”, says Nabil Ibrahim, chancellor at the Abu Dhabi University.

Create Tomorrow's Success With Abu Dhabi University

“The founders of the university envisioned an institution that would be among the best in the United Arab Emirates, the Arabian Gulf region and throughout the world”.

The dream began with the Charter of Abu Dhabi University in 2000, by his Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and other distinguished citizens of the United Arab Emirates.

Before enrolling students, Abu Dhabi University has taken all necessary procedures to secure accreditation for all its degree programs from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

After three years of planning, the university opened its doors in September 2003, to 1,000 students in its two campuses in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

It  now offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees based on the American model of higher education, as well as several professional diploma and postgraduate programs, utilizing the British system of postsecondary education. The official language of the university is English; however, the university offers degree and diploma programs both in English and Arabic.

This institution now attracts more than 7000 bright students “to invest the most exciting years of their lives at Abu Dhabi University”, as it provides 24 undergraduate and 10 postgraduate programs that open the gateway to remarkable careers worldwide.

Create Tomorrow's Success With Abu Dhabi University

As announced on the official website of the university, reasons fall in a number of factors: *90% employability within a year of graduation.

*Safe and economically viable region.

*Globally recognized and respected degree programs.

*Study with students from over 56 nationalities.

*Career-focused programs and a network of corporate partners and clients.

*Small class sizes to promote greater individual support.

* A student-focused learning environment.

*Customized English language foundation courses and preparatory courses to improve study and standardized test taking skills.

*Scholarships available for academic excellence.

*Competitive tuition and accommodation fees.

*Convenient locations in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain with transportation services.

“Enjoy the journey of discovery ahead; because we believe that every single one of our students has the power to change the world in their own way”.

Create Tomorrow's Success With Abu Dhabi University

Abu Dhabi University – ِAl Ain Campus

Click here to visit Abu-Dhabi University website.

Abu Dhabi Campus
P.O Box 59911, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Al Ain Campus
P.O Box 1790, Al Ain, UAE

Toll Free Number:
800-ADYOU (800-23968)

International Students:
+971 2 5015555 (Call Center)

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