Complete Quick Guide To Dubai Marina Walk

Marina Walk

Where is Dubai Marina Walk?     

Dubai Marina Walk is a 7-kilometre long walkway that runs from the start to the end of Dubai Marina. Dotted with a number of nice restaurants, cafes and shopping outlets, it is a great place to spend an evening with your loved ones.

Many fancy yachts and speedboats are parked near the waterfront, making it a beautiful sight. Some outlets that you can find at the Dubai Marina Walk are Angsana Spa & Health Club, Baskin Robbins, Lighthouse Restaurant, Round Table Pizza and Starbucks.

Guide To Marina Walk

Things to do in Dubai Marina Walk?

The beach area offers great scenic views of the Arabian Gulf. About lunch time, or maybe even brunch, you’re going to get hungry after a few hours of walking so check out popular restaurants, cafés and supermarkets, serving up almost every imaginable cuisine. You’ll find Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern and American, fajitas, curries, noodles, sushi, shawarmas and burgers, plus bagels, pies and a whole lot more. This is a destination for dining. And strolling along the edge of Dubai Marina, of course.

The Dubai Marina Walk is one of the top places to go to in Dubai, as it has a plaza-like setting that includes clothing stores, boutiques, department stores, and gyms scattered around.


Complete Quick Guide To Marina Walk




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