Black Tap, Craziest Milkshakes In New York City Coming To In Dubai

Black Tap Craziest Milkshakes In New York City Coming To In Dubai

According to a report by US website Eater, A new branch of Black Tap is expected to open in Dubai, although no location is confirmed, and additional branches located elsewhere in the Middle East are also expected to open.

Black Tap

Black Tap, an NYC burger joint set up by Michelin-starred chef Joe Isidori, offers food that looks like it’s on steroids, in a deliciously good way.

Black Tap  Milkshakes

As for the milkshakes, well it seems they’ve taken the Internet and Instagram in particular by storm, perhaps for good reason: each milkshake is stacked high with toppings, like whole slices of cake, mountains of fluffy cotton candy, or a handful of chocolate chip cookies.

Black Tap Coming To In Dubai

There are 12 different shakes on the menu, and reports claim that each one has up to 1,600 calories. Those of you with a sweet tooth will be pleased to know that the restaurant is going to open an outlet in Dubai.

Black TapMilkshakes In New York City Coming To In Dubai

In fact, so much hype has built up around Black Tap’s milkshakes that people have been willing to queue for more than eight hours outdoors in the rain just to experience the one-of-a-kind sugar rush.

Black Tap Craziest Milkshakes Coming To In Dubai

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