Beware of these things when you are in the UAE

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Dubai will definitely take your breath away with all of its accomplishments and  civilization that it has reached in a short period of time. This has made it the most attractive tourist destination in the world.

It is also has been known of warmly welcoming  millions of different races and nationalities, who were able to coexist there with peace and love.


Those valued features of the UAE is the forefront of the Islamic culture rooted and  inherited in the among people there. But if you are a foreigner to the country or don’t know much about their  culture, and planning to visit it soon, you should beware and note some aspects that are important to avoid:

  1. Disrespecting the state:
    You have always to remember that throughout your staying in Dubai, you are a guest under the hospitality of UAE. Thus, do not violate the sanctity of its knowledge, or disrespect its traditions and cultural conventional. Most importantly, do not offend its political leaders, as this will put you in serious legal sanctions.
  1. drinking alcohol:
    UAE laws bans drinking alcohol to people under 21, and allows it to others under specific conditions and laws. For example, it strictly bans appearing drunk public in the city, and in case someone does it, he will be exposes to legal sanctions and may face deportation or prison statement.
  1. Violating traffic laws:
    If you’re driving a car in the UAE, you have to completely abide to traffic laws. The streets already has traffic signs of speed limits at almost each street, and violating them will be a felony that exposes you to financial fine.
  1. Talking on the phone while driving:
    Emirati state prohibits and bans using cellphones or smart phone while driving, mainly because it distracts the driver’s attention and weaken his ability to concentrate, thus, it increases the possibility of having an accident. If the phone call is urgent, make sure to use earphones or headset.
  1. Smoking:
    The UAE has always been respecting both citizens and tourists, and since there were large numbers of people who worry about the unpleasant odors of tobacco- it may threatens life of others, the UAE took in consideration to customize smokers a special smoking area. Beware not to smoke outside these areas, as this may expose you to pay a financial fine.
  1. Handshaking :
    Here we mean handshaking between males and females. When you are introduced to an Arab citizen in the UAE, don not start handshaking, instead, wait for him/her to do that step. This is more like a kind of respect to customs and traditions, as some Arabs see it of a perspective of conservation of Islamic culture.

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