Best restaurants in Dubai Mall

Switch Restaurant- Best restaurants in Dubai Mall

Restaurants in Dubai Mall are of great number,  we offer you here the most important and best restaurants for good dining options.

Mials Restaurant

It is a model of Arab restaurants in general and Emerati restaurants in particular, where guests are warmly greeted and generously hosted as Arab customs suppose.

The menu of the food in this restaurant includes the most important Arabic cuisine like Rice Kofta, in addition to a variety of dishes of different items including salads, desserts, juices and soft drinks.

Milas Restaurant  - Best restaurants in Dubai Mall

Shakespeare & Co Restaurant

At this restaurant, you can enjoy drinking homemade iced fruit juice and ice cream.

Enjoy discovering the promising menu that offers different types of soups, salads, sandwiches, pasta, pizza, burgers and many other dishes.

The team of workers in the restaurant seeks visitor’s satisfaction and pleasure, especially when they offer tea. They tend to show off their skills by pouring tea with far distance between the pitcher and the cup.

shakespeare-co- Best restaurants in Dubai Mall

Switch Restaurant

This restaurant in Dubai Mall was designed by Karim Rashid, who has designed many of the most famous dining halls and restaurants in places like Singapore and New York.

Switch is considered a distinctive addition to restaurants in Dubai, where it is distinguished by its contemporary design that goes in line with modernity and luxury.

The menu of the restaurant includes global dishes from the Mediterranean region and are prepared by hands of best chives.

Switch Restaurant- Best restaurants in Dubai Mall

The Orchestra Restaurant

It is a restaurant and a cafe with Gulf local concept. It got Mohammed Bin Rashid Award for Young Business Leaders in 2005 for the services sector.

The menu of Orchestra Restaurant contains Lebanese cuisine, Mediterranean dishes along with global beverages.

Coffee and tea there are presented in the Arab way in a charming atmosphere in Orchestra .

the-orchestra-dubai mall - Best restaurants in Dubai Mall

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