Best Laser Clinic in Dubai

Best Laser Clinic in Dubai  - Dr. Suad Lutfi Dermatology and Laser Clinic

( Dr. Suad Lutfi Dermatology and Laser Clinic )

In presence of a great number of renowned doctors, social figures and media, “Dr. Suad Lutfi Dermatology and Laser Clinic” was opened in Jumeirah Street, to be one of the leading laser clinics in the country  and the Best Laser Clinic in Dubai. The clinic is provided and supported with  the latest technology and sophisticated international equipment in order to meet the need of all cosmetic cases.

This new center is an addition to the well-known and widely-respected series of Dr. Suad Lutfi clinics around the UAE. Dr. Lutfi was proud and happy to announce that the new clinic is an integrated medical center that features a wide range of specialties treatments, performed under the supervision of an experienced and highly- qualified medical team.

Best Laser Clinic in Dubai  - Dr. Suad Lutfi Dermatology and Laser Clinic - 9876

Under the theme of “With us, rest assured that your beauty and safety are in good and capable hands”, the clinic has launched a great team to include:

*Nutrition specialists; who provide integrated nutritional programs for each customer according to his condition or illness, in addition to a service that ensures delivering meals to customers.

*American Board certified specialist in woman beautification for after birth and aging body contouring.

* A number of highly qualified specialists in weight loss, liposuction and face skin treatment.

Due to its remarkable success, Dr. Suad Lutfi Clinics is considered as a leading authority in the art and science of aesthetic procedures not only in U.A.E., but also in other countries in the Gulf.

Who is Dr. Suad Lutif

A widely known and respected consultant in the field of cosmetic dermatology, laser and phototherapy. She has completed a degree in Medicine and Surgery at Jordan University of Science and Technology and graduated in 1993 among the top ten in Medical Training. Dr. Suad Lutif is also an American Board Certified Dermatologist and a licensed physician since 1993.

In 2002, she founded “Dr. Suad Lutfi Dermatology and Laser Clinic” in Dubai which has expanded to a total of seven branches across the U.A.E and a branch in Doha, Qatar.

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