Best Five Moroccan Restaurants in Dubai

Best Five Moroccan Restaurants in Dubai

It is certain that Dubai has been opening its border for many Western and Eastern civilizations, believing in the importance of getting to know and meet as much possible civilizations as it can.

This openness is not only confined on science or academic aspects, but also  includes cultural elements and even dietary habits that characterize peoples.

Thus, anyone can easily distinguish and notice a huge number of different cultured-restaurants in the Emirate of Dubai and around the UAE. This article is concerned with introducing you to Best Five Moroccan Restaurants in Dubai that serves the best Moroccan cuisines.

Almaz by momo restaurant

This restaurant offers luxurious dishes inspired by the Algerian dietary cuisines, such as Chicken Tajine. On the other hand, it serves Moroccan dishes like Moroccan  Hareera, in addition to Tuniian desserts.

Location: Mall of the Emirates

Official website:

Marrakech Restaurant

This restaurant takes you into a distinct cultural journey to the depths of dietary habits of Morocco, where it serves a number of delicious dishes such as the famous Moroccan Koskosi in addition to a variety of authentic salads.

What you might not forget about this restaurant is its authentic Andalusian music while you are having your Moroccan meal.

Location: Shangri-La Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road

Moroccan Restaurant and Lounge

This luxurious restaurant has characterized itself throughout its decor and distinctive meals that combines tradition and modernity, such as the Moroccan-style pizza. The restaurant also offers a variety of desserts that lays its origins to Moroccan customs and traditions.

Location: The four points hotel by sheraton, Sheikh Zayed Road

Official website:

Tagine Restaurant

This restaurant offers you Moroccan dishes on a relatively long list, allowing  you to choose a number of dishes that optative you navigating around for restaurants. It also offers hot and cold refreshing drinks that go compatibly with the Moroccan tastes.

Location: One & Only Royal Mirage Hotel, Marina Dubai, Jumeirah

Official website:


Layalina Restaurant

Layalina Restaurant offers the finest and most delicious dishes prepared by hands of chefs who grew up in Morocco, so that they are able to add the Moroccan flavor in their authentic meals, like as Alhareerah and Altajine of all its kinds, along with Moroccan desserts and refreshing Moroccan drinks.

Location: Union Street, opposite the Dubai International Airport, Dubai

Phone: 97142660566


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