Authentic Yemeni Cuisine At Turath Almandi Restaurant

Turath Almandi

Turath Almandi on Jumeirah Beach Road is a casual dining restaurant which is famous as one of the best restaurants in Dubai for authentic Yemeni cuisine.

Turath Almandi offers the authentic cuisine from the heart of the Arabian Peninsula in a popular and contemporary approach. The restaurant is housed in a spacious villa in Jumeirah 3, with an authentic Yemeni interior. The colours and warmth of the restaurant had set-up the mood for a very distinctive dining experience.

Turath Almandi Restaurant

Their menu features a varied range of popular dishes from Felix Arabia in addition to signature dishes developed by the restaurant chefs. The chefs and cooks are knowledgeable with traditional and modern methods of cooking. They ensure use of traditional ovens (Mandi hole ovens & bread tandoor) and the best equipped kitchen.

Turath Almandi Restaurant

The menu serves fresh food that  is presented in numerous ways developing standard flatware and traditional ware for authentic dishes. They serve delicious salads and desserts and their main course menu is divided into a meat, chicken and seafood sections.

The juice menu contains different traditional drinks such as raisins and dried apricot. The hot beverages menu includes traditional Arabic coffee made in various way that represent diverse regions in Arabia.

503, Jumeirah Beach Rd, Jumeirah 3, Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Tel.: +971 4 395 3555

Fax: +971 4 394 3030



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