An Overlook to Dubai’s Most Important Projects for 2016

An Overlook to Dubai's Most Important Projects for 2016

In few years count, the UAE managed to achieve a unique civilization miracle. For this rapid and huge civilization, thanks return to the wise leadership of the UAE, His Highness, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nehyan. This miracle was able to carry the great Emirate of Dubai to become the favorite tourism destination worldwide. With its wonderful different fields of entertainment and leisure, millions of people tend to visit Dubai seeking for stability and enjoyment.

The UAE has definitely succeeded in making a perfect environment for the most important investments in various economical and developing areas, especially in the tourism sector, which is considered an important area for the state in order for the state to arrive its peak of progress and flourish.

In the following is a list of major projects launched by senior developers, among with other projects under construction to be introduced to the world perfectly.


1- Al-Habtour City :

Al-Habtour Dubai's projects

Al-Habtour city is an extraordinary project which stands on a million square feet land along the Sheikh Rashed Street. It is considered the hugest of its kind in the world, and a unique landmark for the UAE. It is a real symbol of luxury and a capital of wealth and energetic life. Al-Habtour city has unique for its own designs and distinctive details which make it the perfect destination for lovers of elegant lifestyle, dazzling shopping experiences and unique flavors in great restaurants. It is an entertainment that transcends all the traditional meanings, and a new station to celebrate the concepts of luxury life in its finest meanings.


2- City Walk :

City Walk Dubia projects

City Walk is a valuable new addition to the luxurious outdoor destinations in Dubai. It covers a large space of the focal area of Al-Jumeirah. City Walk is inspired by the European-style with spacious passages surrounded by tall trees. It succeeded to draw attention to the uniqueness of the engineering plans and to the wide outdoor spaces including water features, game areas, outdoor cafés and restaurants . There are also shopping stores that offer the latest regional and international famous brands. This shopping experience in the City Walk would be even more unique as it has a view to the stunning Burj Khalifa, the tallest edifice in the world.


3- Dubai Frame :

Dubai Frame

A new innovative project in Zabeel Park. Its cost is amounted to about 120 million Dirhams. It is mainly an integrated framework of transparent glass which highlights the Emirate’s landmarks and illustrates it uniquely. Dubai Frame has a walkway which is also made of glass, allowing visitors to review the evolution of Dubai using modern technology, before boarding to a panoramic elevator leads up to the top of the Frame to enjoy the fascinating views of Dubai landmarks.


4- Marina Tower 101 :

Marina Tower 101 - Dubai projects

The first of skyscrapers race, stands in the heart of Dubai Marina which is famous for its gorgeous views . Marina Tower stands tall in a privileged location on the waterfront by the Sheikh Zayed Road, where the largest crowd of yachts is found. While the lined palm trees along the walkway link between the parks, the marina and many of the towers in the project. It also stands aside to a group of large-scale projects such as The Dubai Palm, and The Islands of the World, and Burj Al Arab. It has a great architectural design style with glittering glass walls and marble floors. It is a favorite destination for lovers of luxury and sophistication with a premium overlooking on the scattered yachts over the marina, along with the best restaurants and entertainment facilities in the city.


5- Walk of the Palm Jumeirah :

Walk of the Palm Jumeirah Dubai

To enjoy shopping at great boutiques, dining outdoors, or having a picnic on the beach, you only need to go to the Walk of Jumeirah Palm. Throughout this magnificent avenue, there are plenty of options that will satisfy your passion of shopping, where a range of shops of fashion, home products, and artifacts displayed in the outdoors. Along with the magic which the waterfront imparts, you can explore the platform which displays jewelry, delicious foods, and houses equipment. This would happen in a pleasant atmosphere introduced by street performers , painters and entertaining teams.


6- Dubai Canal :

Dubai Canal

It is one of the most important Dubai tourism projects, with a cost of 1.7 billion Dirhams. The Dubai Canal will be a part of the expansion of the Dubai Creek in order to link the Business Bay to AL-Jumeirah, where the Canal would pass under the Sheikh Zayed Road and cross Safa Park across Al-Wasl Road and AL-Jumeirah Beach, before flowing into the sea near AL- Jumeirah Beach Park. The project ensures a shopping mall, four luxury hotels, 450 restaurants , as well as luxury homes and biking trails. Four Seasons Hotel

One of the finest business parks in the city, the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), is the Four Seasons Hotel as a private club designed for relaxation and productivity. Its modern designs and its care to every detail reflect an ultra-perfect craftsmanship. Its identity actually reflects the luxurious life surrounding the environment, which makes it perfect for special guests . It is designed to accommodate 106 suites and seating areas, as well as restaurants and various options it offers. In addition to all that, an open swimming pool and a garden on the roof of the hotel which provide a quiet oasis to welcome guests in this vibrant city life.


7- Dubai Opera :

Dubai Opera

Standing next to Burj Khalifa, Dubai Opera is the new architectural icon that will decorate the beautiful Emirates. This project is considered as a heart for the cultural and artistic life in the city, and will have a role in setting new standards, through enhancing the concept of unique experience of luxurious theatrical and cinematic scenes. The project is being equipped with the latest equipments, including audio and visual techniques and support systems in order to ensure organizing exceptional activities and artistic events within the design that mimics the famous Sydney Opera House, inspired by the traditional sailing ships in the Arabian Gulf and the wooden dhows that have always been inherent in the famous Dubai Creek.

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