Al Yamama Tent the most fascinating among Ramadan tents in Dubai

Al Yamama Tent the most fascinating among Ramadan tents in Dubai

At the Holy Month of Ramadan, Muslims around the world  submit to regular prayer and daytime fasting. As the sun sets, the city comes to life as families and friends head to Dubai’s elaborately decorated Ramadan tents to break their fasts with an iftar or suhoor.

You’re invited to create a memorable Ramadan experience with your family and friends at Al Yamama Tent, it’s considered as one of the most famous Ramadan tents in Dubai, located in Dubai Marina, specifically in sky dive.

Al Yamama Tent

Al Yamama Tent accommodates about 700 people, with 13 special seating areas and 2 luxury seating areas, it also offers a prayer hall.

You can have iftar at Al Yamama Tent for AED 185 per person, including drinks, refreshments and Ramadan sweets, while Suhoor list begin from nine at night time, which includes a selection of the tastiest and most delicious Arabic and international cuisine.

Al Yamama Tent in Dubai

In this tent you will live a magical experience unlike any other, in which they held a variety of Ramadan activities such as local traditional songs, as well as Arab and international songs offered by the most important and most famous Arab artists and singers.

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