Abu Dhabi summer season 2016

Abu Dhabi summer season 2016 - 9087875

If you’re a resident in Abu Dhabi or planning to spend your summer vacation outside the country, we recommend you to  stay close! Because Abu Dhabi Authority for Tourism and Culture has recently revealed some details of its “Abu Dhabi summer season 2016″ program, and it seems to be amazing. The event will last in the period between July 7th  to September 11th in different parts of Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi summer season 2016 - 987988-

The program includes a wide range of global shows, comedy evenings, concerts, circus, illusion tricks and many other events and activities. These activities are going to cover Eid al-Fitr and school holidays, and are going to be held all around Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Western Region.

Abu Dhabi summer season 2016 offers promotions in hotels and shopping malls to attract tourists and to encourage citizens to spend the summer vacation in Abu Dhabi. A weekly draw is also going to be held to give shoppers a chance of winning a car.

For the illusion tricks, the British illusionist Jimmy Ravin will be holding his first show in the Middle East.

The summer event also includes a list of entertainment activities and musical shows for children such as The Chipmunks and Hallo Kitty. Characters of Shaun the Sheep, SpongeBob, and Dora the Explorer will go on a tour across the city for more entertaining atmosphere.

Abu Dhabi summer season 2016 will be hosting famous Arab comedians such as Ibrahim Saleh, Ibrahim Khairallah, Taim Falasi, Dareen Bayed and Rajaei Qawas.

Abu Dhabi summer season 2016

Abu Dhabi summer season 2016 is supported by “Jannah for hotels and resorts”, the official hotel, along with “Etihad Airways”, the official airline in Abu Dhabi.



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