A tour inside the KitKat factory in Dubai

Take a tour inside the Kit Kat factory in Dubai

” The National ” newspaper  published photographs of the” Nestle ” factor in Dubai, which is the third largest factory of ” Kit Kat chocolate ” in the world in terms of production.

It was opened in 2010 at a cost of 136 million USD “500 million dirhams”, Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

“Nestle” offers many products such as Nido milk, Magi, Nescafe and many other products, the pictures below show the production process of “Kit Kat”, from the production of biscuits until it’s covered with chocolate, and then to sorting and packing.

And “Kit Kat” is considered as a snack and a complement to any balanced diet, due to their light biscuit chips, and the great taste of the multi types of “chocolate”.

the Kit Kat factory in Dubai

A Nestle employee packs wafers in containers on the Kit Kat production line

Take a tour inside the Kit Kat

The Kit Kat is made of two key components; the creamy chocolate and the crispy wafer


A Nestle employee checks for defects. If the wafers are too dry, they will suck up the moisture from the chocolate, and start to break the bars.

Kit Kat factory in Dubai

Xolile White, Factory Manager at Nestle Dubai Manufacturing inspects the production line at the factory in Jebel Ali

Kit Kat

Employees checks for defects before the bars go to packaging. While machines have done most of the work up until this point, humans are now needed. There are about 300 employees working in the plant, running three shifts over 24 hours

factory in Dubai

The bars pass through thick rolls of foil, printed with the familiar Kit Kat design. There is also a roll of the thin, red “peel” tape, which is used to open each individual bar. Overall, the machine can process 680 pieces per minute.


The resulting display boxes and multipacks are manually loaded into cardboard boxes, taped and shrink wrapped, ready to be shipped off


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