7 Spices: Authentic, Emirati, Fast Food

7 Spices - Authentic, Emirati, Fast Food 85987

If you’re in Abu Dhabi, and looking for some authentic, good Emirati cuisine to grab on your way home, don’t hesitate to choose 7 Spices Restaurant at Abu Dhabi Street. It offers some of the best Beriani, Harees, Majboos and other traditional dishes in the city.

With cuisines inspired by the heritage from across the seven Emirates of the UAE, 7 Spices restaurant in Abu Dhabi, serves you traditional Emirati dishes with a contemporary twist, offering you an opportunity to live the most authentic local dining experience.

7 Spices - Authentic, Emirati, Fast Food

Using fresh, fine ingredients and essential spices of Arabic cuisine in the UAE like cumin, cardamom, nutmeg and sumac; 7 Spices was able to change the perception of fast food by delivering freshly cooked meals in the shortest possible time, while still savoring the basics that give you that special authentic flavor of Emirati cuisines.

Seven spices 98778

7 Spices Restaurant

Address: Abu Dhabi Street, Near Bridgestone Al masaood, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Phone: 02 6333308 / 90
Mobile: 50 5426713
Email: 7spices@almotaqadema.com

Location Map:

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