10 best beaches in Dubai for this summer

10 most stunning beaches in Dubai for this summer

As UAE is overlooking The Arabian Gulf, Dubai took advantage of this by developing a number of excellent sandy beaches, that became even better with the sun heat most of the year.

In addition to that, the luxurious amenities along the beach has made it a destination of all vacationers who would like to enjoy their summer in the UAE.

This article is concerned with mentioning the most beautiful and best beaches in Dubai.

4 × 4 Beach

Choosing this name for the beach comes from the four-wheel drive cars (4 × 4). Driven by the name, you can expect the type of its visitors and the kind of services offered there.

Each time you visit this beach, you will not resist to enjoy swimming in its pure water or to lay under the sun.

beaches in Dubai
Cove Beach

This beach is one of the iconic beaches in the Middle East, for the proper care and luxury facilities and great services offered there. You can enjoy swimming or driving powerboats at Cove Beach.

best beaches in Dubai for this summer

Dubai Marine Beach

You can visit this beach if you prefer luxurious resorts with your family, as it offers  high degree of privacy and a children’s pool.

Being located in a narrow bay has given this beach an extraordinary aesthetic view that attracts beach lovers.

beaches in Dubai for this summer

The Jumeirah Beach

The Jumeirah Beach is such a masterpiece of art and architecture that characterized it among its counterparts. It is surrounded by a number of  luxury facilities that made it a destination for the rich and famous. Moreover, this beach  offers a large number of water games and sports that can suit all ages.

beaches in Dubai for this summer - The Jumeirah Beach

The one and only Royal Mirage Beach

This beach , which extends on more than a kilometer, offers you a number of exciting water sports like skating and driving speedboats. The one and only Royal Mirage Beach could be your best destination if you’re interested in sports challenges.

one & only  beach
Mina Club Beach

After a busy week, visit Mina Club Beach and enjoy its calmness and services that will help you escape chaos and daily pressures.

A number of entertainment and sports facilities are also available around the beach, enabling  you to restore your physical and mental fitness in a few days.

Mina Club Beach - best beaches in dubai

The Ritz-Carlton Dubai

This beach can be an appropriate place to spend with the family, as it provides special services for families, maintaining a level of privacy.

The beach is surrounded with several hotels that provide you more than a choice, especially that the quality of services provided at the beach are of high prices .

The-Ritz-Carlton-Dubai - beaches in Dubai for this summer

Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort

This beach has its own elegant view, featuring a number of Thai boats deployed in the place. The resort also offers a range of an excellent hotel and sport services that will attract you to visit it once again.

Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort - best beaches in dubai

Jetty Lounge beach

Enjoy sand and sun in Jetty Lounge beach, that is considered one of the best places to have snacks and drinks before dinner. Enjoy the simplicity by watching the sunset  and the battling sea waves in one of the finest beaches in Dubai.

Jetty Lounge Beach Bar - best beachesin dubai 

Sofitel Palm Dubai Resort & Spa

This resort offers you excellent services that enable you to enjoy famous water sports, along with providing high-quality hotel services.

dubai beaches

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